San Miguel de Allende

The Heart of Mexico

Founded back in 1555, San Miguel de Allende is one of the earliest cities in Mexico and also one of the few that has preserved a small size. Its most emblematic buildings were built between the XVII and XVIII centuries, and their insides are preserved in excellent form. The unforgettable pink quarry façade of the San Miguel Arcángel Parish stands out majestically.

Since 2008 San Miguel de Allende holds the designation as UNESCO World Heritage City.

The city combines a quiet and cosmopolitan environment that attracts thousands of foreigners because of a vast offer of activities for families and youngsters, enabling the living of a bohemian and fun life.

One may enjoy the scrumptious gastronomy of this gorgeous city, from the traditional Mexican food in street stands and the market, to the most sophisticated international cuisine offered by famous restaurants and boutique hotels.

With cozy neighborhoods and also a vigorous street life, surrounded by interesting, kind and educated people.

It has a varied and intense cultural life: Concerts, art exhibits, theater plays, popular festivities such as “Las Catrinas” and “La Alborada”, the International Jazz Festival, the “Expresión en Corto” Film Festival, among others.

There is a vibrant creative scenario of classes, workshops and different courses of arts and handcrafts.


Golf courts and sports clubs, gyms for physical activity.

Strip malls, craft shops and classy art galleries.

Health centers and Hospitals.